BlogTalkRadio Turns Nigerian Youth Into Citizen Broadcasters

Concept of Change aired this weekend. What makes Concept of Change so special? Its done by Jennifer a young woman who does her show from Nigeria. Jennifer has no internet or computer, she goes to the local cyber cafe to do her show with friends. Alan Levy CEO of BlogTalkRadio met Jennifer while in the UK after he was asked by the British Council to show BlogTalkRadio to the young adults chosen to compete to go to the World Economics Forum.

Since Jennifers show went live on BlogTalkRadio we have had a small surge of young people from Nigeria sign up to get their shows going on BlogTalkRadio. When Alan Levy formed the idea of BlogTalkRadio, it was his idea to allow each and every person to have a voice to be heard around the globe that drove him to bring his idea to fruitation, . We are honored to have Jennifer on BlogTalkRadio and we welcome the other young adults that have joined the movement on BlogTalkRadio that we have coined “citizen broadcasting”.

You can listen to Jennifers show here.

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