BTR Spotlight Show aims to unite our community

Shaun Daily, host of our popular daily news and opinions show Shaun OMac Radio introduced a wonderful concept to the internet airwaves of BlogTalkRadio yesterday.

Shaun’s new show, BTR Spotlight Show premiered yesterday, and included several familiar faces from around the BTR neighborhood. As he tells it, Shaun started Spotlight as a forum for all hosts, listeners, and flaneurs of the BlogTalkRadio community to come together on a weekly basis in order to ask questions, promote their shows, or just hobnob and catch up.

Yesterday, Shaun was joined by Will and Nikki (from Will and Nikki in the AM), Grateful Lisa from Thanks Ranks Radio, Aaron from Rocky Mountain Ride and Trench from Trenchcast. Everyone was having such a great time, CEO Alan Levy called to join, and by mid-hour, my fingers were itching to dial-in and join the fun.

Shaun’s concept presents us with a great opportunity to get familiar with one another, and voice any questions or concerns we may have about how things are run in our community of hosts, listeners, and employees. By the end of the show, Shaun was taking live questions about test shows, how we choose features, the effectiveness of different promotion tactics, and general philosophies about politics, media, and participation.

I had a great time on Shaun’s show. He will be moving the time around in order to accommodate as many hosts and listeners as possible who are at work and school at different times of day, and in different timezones. What a conscientious guy!

The next BTR Spotlight Show will be next Monday May 14 at 6pm EST here.


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