BTR Welcomes Andrea Shea-King

by Edward Morrissey

Blog Talk Radio welcomes Andrea Shea-King to our Politics channels. Andrea has broadcast her show in Florida on traditional radio for quite some time and has built a strong audience. However, Andrea wants a national reach and the flexibility to do what she wants with her show — and she has come to BTR to continue her success.

Why BTR? Other terrestrial radio hosts have made that choice before her, including Tru Hawkins and myself. BTR gives hosts an easy interface and the ability to take live callers, as well as a free format for her content. We have scheduling flexibility, instant podcasting, an established web presence, and a ready-made network of listeners. We also don’t have restrictions on content or point of view, as radio stations have. Andrea can be herself and do the show she wants to do, without seeking approval from ever-changing program directors.

That’s why we believe Blog Talk Radio will be the future of talk-show broadcasting. While politicians haggle over the Fairness Doctrine and program directors try to avoid offending listeners by offering watered-down talk, BTR offers its listeners the widest possible varieties of debate and discussion. That’s why listeners come to BTR, and that’s why hosts like Andrea Shea-King come to BTR as well.

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