Call My Nana!!

This isn’t intended as a shameless plug, but rather an anecdote, embedded within a shameless plug.

Last night, my Nana Miriam, who just turned 89, and I started our new BlogTalkRadio show, Call Your Nana. What began as a mere test show, for my Nana and I to try out our sound with faithful host liaison Nikki, quickly escalated into a hilarious political waltz. What began as a whimsical idea for a show, a weekly call with my beloved Nana, where we would recap current events and discuss the differences between our generations, has morphed into something very exciting.

I knew I was in pretty deep when my Nana e-mailed me earlier in the day with some topics for our test show. I tried to tell her that we didn’t need topics just for the test show, that it was just a chance for her to get familiar with the process and the platform, but then I stopped myself. My Nana was eager to start the conversation, she had things to say, about Paris Hilton, about Al Sharpton, and who was I to stop her? It seemed the conversation had already begun.

Let me explain that my Nana is not a typical Nana. At the young age of 89, Nana is almost as active as I am. She takes watercolor classes twice a week, lunches/brunches/hobnobs with various friends and relatives of all ages, and is very knowledgeable and opinionated about current events, entertainment, and politics.

Some of our favorite BTR neighbors joined us, such as Will from Will and Nikki in the AM and “very helpful listener” Bud from PA. With the diversity of political leanings we boast here at BTR, I was slightly concerned with how the more conservative callers would grapple with Nana’s political progressivism. But they all seemed humored, and they respected Nana’s strong opinions. You gotta respect my Nana.

Some memorable quotes from last evening:

“I don’t have my Nana anymore, so you’ll have to adopt me.” -Will

“You know when we had those voting machines, if I tried to vote Republican, my hand would become paralyzed.” -Nana

“I think this President is the worst President we’ve ever had. If I were a Republican, I’d be embarrassed.” -Nana

“First of all, I think we have to have an informal IQ test before we put anybody in (the White House).” -Nana

“My role is to dial this number, and shoot my mouth off.” -Nana

Join us for a discussion of the week’s hottest topics, and special guests and experts from around the world. I firmly believe that everyone should call their Nana at least once a week, and if you don’t have a Nana, you can certainly call mine.



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