Capt. Ed and NRCC Chairman Tom Cole interview on YouTube

The interview between Ed Morrissey of CQ Radio and Tom Cole, the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee is up on YouTube, complete with visual aid.

In light of recent doubt over whether the Republicans should participate in the YouTube Debate format that the Democrats held the other day, Captain Ed asked Tom Cole his opinion about these doubts and if he thinks his party should participate in a similar debate in September.

Cole replies with a resounding yes, that the Republicans would be remiss to turn down the opportunity to discuss issues submitted online.

He seems to agree with the sentiment of a memo that is circulating. It urges Republican voters to support this debate format, and that to neglect the importance of new media to influence the upcoming election would be detrimental to the party’s chances in 2008.

It’s very appropriate that a YouTube contributor named techRepublican posted the BlogTalkRadio interview laid over video clips from the CNN/YouTube Democratic debate. We can visualize the importance of the ideas he mentions.

Using the live audio that aired on BlogTalkRadio urging the GOP to participate along with video from the first debate drives home the importance of new media to convey political messages, and to unite and motivate voters, from all political leanings.

Listen to Ed’s interview with NRCC Chairman Tom Cole here.

Watch the corresponding YouTube video here.


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