Come get your 15 Minutes of Fame!

All new hosts, and hosts who are new at heart, should join me for an interview on my new show, 15 Minutes of Fame. In each 15 minute show, I chat with a BTR host and get to know them a little more in-depth. We want the story behind the BTR show.

Yesterday I interviewed Gregg Henson of Gregg is a veteran of Philadelphia, Detroit, and Austin radio, a very tuned-in guy with big plans for his show. Here is his site where his fans congregate.

This Friday, I will be interviewing Andy Ellis of Baltimore Debates. Very involved in youth debate leagues, Andy has been broadcasting live from debating events, and discussing innovative use of BlogTalkRadio for educational purposes. Check out his site here.

I’m aiming for Mondays and Fridays at Noon PST. Any hosts who would like to be interviewed, just let me know. Comment to this blog! And you can listen here.


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