Diamonds in the Rough for Monday 5/14

Since our faithful listeners don’t always have time to go through the Programming Guide with a fine-toothed comb, I’ve laid out some of the hidden highlights for Monday’s shows on BlogTalkRadio:

At Noon EST, Fausta’s blog talk radio welcomes Joyce Venis, author of Postpartum Depression Demystified: An Essential Guide for Understanding and Beating the Most Common Complication after Childbirth. Brooke Shields, eat your heart out!

Tune in at 8pm EST for Carolina Sports Net Radio for a Pre-Draft Breakdown. The show has been known to cover all-things sport-related in the Carolinas, including the Panthers, NFL, Bobcats, NBA, ACC and NASCAR. You can find their site here.

Check out The Reggae Box at 11pm EST. Playing music from up-and-coming artists from a range of genres including Reggae, Soca, Jazz, and World music, this show aims to discuss trends and ideas as well as showcase new projects. Their site offers archives of past shows, as well as photos and info.

And at 11pm EST on The Game Game, your host Mike, aka MrNiceGuy, pays tribute to Bob Barker. The beloved Price is Right host of 35 years will take his final bow in mere days. Read about the retirement festivities here.



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