Diamonds in the Rough for Saturday 7/14

There seem to be new wonderful shows in the Programming Guide every time I read it. This weekend, get exposure to some new shows on BlogTalkRadio.

You can start by checking out these gems:

For the week in Republican commentary on the week’s events, listen to Hard Starboard Radio, the self-proclaimed “poor man’s Rush Limbaugh.” They go live at 1pm EST.

To feed your literary spirit, catch Onword at 6pm EST. The show is a “show for writers who want to learn more about their craft.” Tomorrow’s segment features very special guest BlogTalkRadio’s own Dr. Blogstein!

If you’re a baseball fan, also at 6pm EST be sure to catch Atlanta Braves Pregame. This show will give you a recap of last night’s game, and a preview of the upcoming Braves/Pirates game. Then watch the game and see if your host Eric’s predictions come true!

Have a great weekend!

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