Diamonds in the Rough for Saturday 9/1

It seems like forever since I’ve excavated the diamonds in our Programming Guide for our listeners. Perhaps it’s because the platform is inundated with exciting shows and guests. We can’t stop bragging.

But on this Saturday, the first day of September, encroaching on the end of summer and beginning of fall, I present you with suggested shows to check out:

At 6pm ET, host Shawna Benson of ShoutingIntoTheWind brings us TV Junkies, a show for use who love television that will gear us up for the new fall season line-up. Shawna lives in Los Angeles and promises to bring us interviews with people in the biz as well as wannabes of the TV industry.

On The Adirondack Book House at 6:30 pm ET, host Pete Klein brings us book reviews, fact, fiction, poetry, plus talk and comment. Pete is an author and has recently written The Dancing Valkyrie, in addition to many others, including Adirondack Hikes in Hamilton County.

On Political Pistachio at 7pm ET, Waleed Shoebat will discuss his time in the terrorist network and his book “Why We Want to Kill You” about Islam’s war against the West and Israel with host Douglas Gibbs. You don’t want to miss this show.

That’s all folks! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend with family and friends.


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