Diamonds in the Rough for Sunday 6/10

The weekend’s almost over, but don’t give in quite yet. There’s still time to relax and enjoy yourself, so here are my recommended gems for Sunday listening:

At 11am EST, join Blogging the Outdoors for their triumphant return to BlogTalkRadio, and hear a fun-filled and informative segment about hunting, fishing, and whatever else these guys can muster. Visit their site

Newcomers to BlogTalkRadio, the Preschool Rock Moms, will bring us another episode with special guest Kati Chevaux, Nutritionist and writer for, to talk about proper nutrition for preschoolers. Weekly, your hosts Stacey and Joanna will chat about all the trials and tribulations involved in raising a healthy, happy preschooler. Listen live at 7pm EST.

Wrap up your evening with The Two Doctors at Midnight EST. They’ll be discussing Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and all exciting and recent happenings in Sci-Fi and Horror. Let Mad Professor Jim Iaccino and Crazy Rocket Scientist Kenn Gold tuck you in at night!

Enjoy Sunday while you can, because Monday is just around the bend!


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