Diamonds in the Rough for Thursday 6/21

We have so many great shows happening everyday here on BlogTalkRadio, I can barely keep up with them all! Here are a few selections of shows you should definitely check out, with enthusiastic and knowledgeable hosts and great guests:

On Meggy Moon’s Talk Show, listen to guest J.W. Williams, an actor and singer/songwriter who has appeared in the Academy-award winning film Walk the Line, as well as just performed an unplugged concert. He’ll be discussing his career with host Marguerite at 8pm EST.

At 9pm EST, join Professor Keith Haley, a criminal justice expert, on his show Jumbled Justice. Professor Haley will be joined by Dr. Charles Williams, a retired Supv. Special Agent from the Department of Homeland Security, to discuss immigration issues and the law’s response.

Lastly, on Shadows in the Dark, host Jeremiah Greer welcomes Stanton Friedman, a renowned ufologist and Roswell expert. Discuss these and other mysteries with them late-night at 11pm EST.


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