Diamonds in the Rough for Thursday 7/5

So Independence Day is over, but the summer’s just getting started and there’s lots to look forward to here on BlogTalkRadio. Here is a sampling of shows to check out, so grab a cool drink and let’s get to business with these auditory gems:

On Chick Tech Talk, your host Jenn talks with Dee Power, a published author, to discuss writing and marketing e-books. For all you aspiring writers in this market, tune in for this topic at 6pm EST.

July 4th entertainment is about more than Twilight Zone marathons (although those are great.) Cinematic Retrospective will be chatting about patriotic movies, and welcome callers to discuss July 4th films or stories with them at 11pm EST.

Even though I recall spotlighting them as a Diamond in the past, I cannot exclude Hunting and Fishing at 1am EST. Part of the LetsTalkOutdoors website, this show will tackle (no pun intended) the best places to go halibut fishing in Alaska with Chris Batin, co-author of How to Catch Trophy Halibut.


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