Firedoglake praises Meet the Bloggers on BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio’s show Meet the Bloggers receives high marks from Firedoglake, a highly-regarded political blog founded by progressive blogger Jane Hamsher.

Firedoglake is well known for its liveblogging during the Libby Trial and is a touchstone for progressive politics in the blogosphere.


In Sunday’s post, author Christy Hardin Smith writes about the Meet the Bloggers show here on BlogTalkRadio, an Indiana-based Sunday morning political roundtable program that derives its name and focus from Meet the Press.

Christy calls Meet the Bloggers a “great series” she couldn’t “wait to hear the discussion,” praising its programming and guests.

Christy hopes that one of the show’s guests gets to talk about her work because “frankly, she sure as hell won’t get a chance to talk about it with any of the corporate media types — it doesn’t fit their preconceived, prepackaged, spoon-fed narrative.”

Christy is right. BlogTalkRadio isn’t like other media. Our broadcasts certainly aren’t “preconceived, prepackaged, spoon fed,” but rather quite the opposite, live and very spontaneous conversation, discussion, and debate.

Overall, Christy is excited about the show and the potential of BlogTalkRadio because she is “so glad to see a forum for the discussion of citizen journalism and accountability from outside the Beltway.”

And we are glad that BlogTalkRadio can provide the forum for these discussions from innovative bloggers like our friends at Meet the Bloggers.


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