First scholarly research about the role of black bloggers in the blogosphere

I stumbled upon this article from yesterday’s Boston Globe entitled Black Bloggers which examines the first scholarly research conducted about the role of political bloggers of color in the blogosphere.

The research, conducted by Antoinette Pole at Brown University in Providence, R.I., seeks to examine how bloggers of color engage in this medium of expression and political activism. Though an extreme minority in the blogosphere, the Globe piece quotes that less than 1 percent of political bloggers are black, Pole found in her research that these bloggers of color are using the blogging medium to mobilize readers into action, specifically political participation.

A quote from Antoinette Pole from the Brown University press release:

“Though they are less numerous, examining the role of minorities in the blogosphere is important if blogs are being used to engage in political discourse and discussion, and more importantly, political action that has real-world implications,” Pole said. “Who has influence in the blogosphere and how bloggers are using this new medium to undertake political action merits study.”

These findings have been published in the International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society.

Look for further studies in her forthcoming book entitled, Blogging the Political: Politics and Participation in a Networked Society which will analyze how political blogging affects the political sphere.

I love to read that new media, blogging, BlogTalkRadio, and all the social communities online can have astounding effects in our real life political scene. If our digital writings, conversations, debates, and rants can mobilize citizens to engage with the government and activist causes– during election time and beyond– then I maintain hope that we really can make a difference.


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