Founder and CEO of on The Alan Levy Show

I would like to welcome a very special guest to Blogtalkradio on Wednesday, July 25th 4:00pm EST.

Martin Varsavsky the Founder and CEO of will be my guest on the Alan Levy Show which can be found here

While it’s hard to believe, I have known Martin for almost 20 years. We met when I was an accountant in NYC at a small accounting firm. Martin, at the time in his twenties, was already an experienced entrepreneur. I handled his business accounts and personal financial matters. In October 1993, when Martin raised money with George Soros for his new upstart telecom company Viatel, he asked me to join he and his team to be his CFO. I had spent 13 years as an accountant and never really gave it much thought to changing careers at that stage of my life.

Well, I decided to leave the safe confines of being an accountant and joined Martin in the crazy world of emerging global telecommunications. I never looked back since. Martin saw something in me that perhaps I or others did not and for that I will always be appreciative.

We will discuss his exciting new venture Fon and whatever else comes up. Martin is a truly fascinating individual so please do tune in. If you would like to call into the live show, please do so by calling 1-347-677-0649.


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