Happy Belated Blogiversary BlogTalkRadio!

I spent the last several days camping in the wilderness, with no sounds but the waves lapping and the grouse cooing. But I soon realized in the peaceful quiet away from all electronic devices, phones ringing, typing, and internet connection, something was missing.

It was a little too quiet. I missed the buzz of BlogTalkRadio.

I just returned to my computer and found Amy’s wonderful post about the BlogTalkRadio One Year Anniversary show, and felt so excited about the turnout and enthusiasm of the event.

Then I read Wayne Hurlbert’s blog post about his inability to join the show, but with his thoughts about what the event means to him as a BlogTalkRadio host.

I’m with you Wayne. Although I was unable to join the conversation for the BTR Birthday Bash, I was there in spirit, along with all the hosts and listeners who have affected and been affected by BlogTalkRadio in its year of original and innovative blogshows. It has been a great ride so far, and I look forward to all the wonderful ways we can communicate, learn, and laugh in our BTR community.

I would like to join Wayne in saying:

“Happy first birthday, Blog Talk Radio. May this be the first blogiversary of a long life on the internet airwaves.”

Now I really must go finish listening to that special two hour archive.


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