Happy Memorial Day Weekend from BlogTalkRadio!

We have a breadth of great Memorial Day programming, but I’ve selected a couple of highlights for the discerning BlogTalkRadio listeners out there to enjoy during the long weekend:

At 3:30pm EST, The Louie Jones Show will be having Janis Kearney, President Clinton’s personal diarist, and BlogTalkRadio hosts April Sims and the Poetry Man. Discuss President Clinton and be entertained with the spoken word.

Bearing Drift will be hosting another live debate for the Virginia Republican Primary. Carolyn Weems and Chris Stolle for the 83rd House of Delegates in Virginia Beach. Broadcasting a live political debate is a great use of the BlogTalkRadio platform. Listen live at 7pm.

Then check out Will & Nikki in the AM for Darin Selnick’s Memorial Day speech on behalf on the President. These charming hosts will be going daily starting Monday. Chat with them every morning at 11am EST for news, politics, art, and prizes.

Memorial Day is all about BBQ, BlogTalkRadio and relaxing with family and friends. Have a good one.


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