Happy Mother’s Day from BlogTalkRadio!

There are a lot of wise mothers (and well-raised offspring) on BlogTalkRadio. Here is a smattering of all of our Mother’s Day programming for your listening pleasure:

On Listen to the Troops, Soldiers Mom will discuss AWOL Soldiers. Her show focuses on the issues that soldiers and their families deal with and how the war has affected their lives. Tune in at 11am EST.

The Ryan C. Greene Show will have a show entitled “Dear Momma.” From his website, I see that Ryan started The Jacqueline M. Kidd Foundation, named after his late mother who lost her battle with Sickle Cell Anemia in 2000. The Kidd Foundation contributes funds to Sickle Cell research, as well as provides scholarships to college students. Listen at 4pm EST.

Anita Doberman, host of Out of the Blue, will be having very special guest Kristin Maschka, President of Mothers and More. This non-profit organization serves around 7,500 mothers in the U.S. and beyond, and is “structured to support a mother as she navigates the challenges of her daily life.” Mothers and More also seeks to raise awareness about the challenges and barriers that mothers face as women in the workforce. Join the conversation at 9pm EST.

Happy Mother’s Day from BlogTalkRadio.


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