Heading Right Covers The Debate

The conservative talk-show hosts have now covered the second Republican presidential debate with a quick-paced and interactive live-blog at Heading Right. Over 60 entries were posted during the 90-minute span by more than a half-dozen of our regular political line-up. Commentary ranged from serious critique to fashion review in a fun and snappy presentation. Anyone who missed the debate could reconstruct it from the blow-by-blow account given by the group.

Afterwards, several headed to Debate Central, where I moderated a raucous roundtable review of the debate. The podcast is available for download, of course, and listeners will get a chance to see how each of us saw this debate a little differently. The only consensus appears to be that Ron Paul needs to go home. Now.

Heading Right will be back for the next GOP debate — and maybe the Democratic one as well!

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