How Do I Tell If Something Has A Copyright?

Over the past few months I have been posed the question about copyright laws with music and files being played. The obvious answer of course is to check and see if something has a copyright on it and if it has expired. But with the internet sometimes it isn’t all that easy.

As a host on BlogTalkRadio we do need to be mindful of others copyrights. I also have found if you find something you want to play on BlogTalkRadio that has a copyright on it whether it be a song or another audio file, emailing the creator and asking permission usually will get you a yes, as that person will appreciate the exposure if you give them credit for their work. So please ask for permission and who knows you may get a really cool interview from someone you admire!

I did find a website that gave some very good copyright information that was written by a lawyer if you have any question in your mind about something you want to play, you can find that here. Of course I want to thank for giving us permission to use this article :0)

If that doesnt answer all of your questions you can peruse the US Copyright office for info by clicking here.


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