I’m Digg’en It………..

Is everyone familiar with Digg? If you are not, you really need to check it out!! Digg is a website that allows you to “Digg” other people’s Podcasts and get them ranked by popularity. Some of the hottest podcasters on the web are getting their podcasts “Dugg” and it’s a great way to promote your show!

So what is Digg Podcasting? If you click on that link Digg tells you all about it. All you have to do is register with Digg. Once you register all you have to do then is go to the Digg Podcasting page and click on “Add A New Podcast” and put the “RSS feed URL” into the line and click submit!! Where do you find your RSS URL? On your host page we provide you with the RSS URL on the right side of the page.

Also if you have not registered your show with Itunes I have to ask………what are you waiting for !!
Registering with Itunes allows people to subscribe to your show and download directly to their podcast, which is a big plus for those on the go………
If you need help with any of these features please contact me at amydomestico@blogtalkradio.com

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