John Haven’s Rocked Podcamp NYC!

Saturday at Podcamp NYC was an incredible success, John Havens and the team of people working to organize Podcamp should be very proud of themselves. It was my first podcast conference, or as they called it the unconference, and I had a great time.

I met some incredible people and learned alot about podcasting as a whole, I also saw some neat new features that we will be looking at in the coming months to implement into BlogTalkRadio.

Some of the people I met really made my day, Lynne Bailey from a university professor who has a great blog put me at ease during my 1 hour session as I was a tad nervous, Lynne is a very interesting person and I’m anxious to read through her various websites as she writes some compelling stuff. Lynne coins herself a teacher, tekkie, and digital designer, and if you ever get a chance to meet her take the time to talk to her you wont be dissappointed.

I met Wayne Turmel from The Cranky Middle Manager while standing outside of a session, Wayne has a wonderful sense of humor and it was a real pleasure meeting him and I cant wait to see his blog, just from the name of it you can tell its going to be a good read. He was very familiar with another Wayne we have on BlogTalkRadio, Wayne Hurlbert from Blog Business Success. Wayne Turmel has very good taste as Wayne Hurlbert is one of my favorites :0)
Jennifer Beisser CEO of Chef’s Line in New York City had me thinking about the fact that with one dial of a telephone I would never have to worry about cooking again! If you are like me and never know how to get your souffle to souffle or your quiche to be like quiche look Jennifer’s company up and hopefully we hear her soon on BlogTalkRadio with some great cooking tips, im going to be calling her soon to see if she will come on for an interview! Move over Lagasse, Beisser is in town!

My buddy Adam was in my session from the Public Relations group Rubenstein Public Relations. He had some great suggestions on doing some PR for us, and as most of us know, blogging, doing podcasts, and of course a show on blogtalkradio are one thing, but getting the word out is another. Adam let the group know some very effective ways to get do some PR without spending alot of money if your not a big corporation with a big pocketbook.

Last but not least, John Haven’s the guru of this event from, and Podcast Vision and Voice. Read his very informative articles regarding podcasting as he is one of the most knowledgeable in the business and if you ever get a chance to meet him please be aware, you will walk away with a smile and one more person to call friend, I know I did.

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