Kathy Kinney: People Are Nice to Me (but Only Because I Was on TV)

Kathy Kinney may have packed up her tub o’ blue eye shadow when The Drew Carey Show wrapped five years ago, but her alter ego is still lurking behind those famous peepers.

Interviewed on Mommy Brain Reports, the actress who played Mimi Bobeck to the delight of millions recounts how – and why – those same fans greet her nowadays.

CAPTION: Kathy (above): Can't catch a break in civilian life.

Kathy (above): Can't catch a break in civilian life.

When host Monica Brady asks “if people recognize you without the Mimi makeup on,” Kathy replies:

“They do. I’m always shocked, but they do.

“Some people say it’s my voice. All of a sudden they’ll turn and they’ll say, ‘Ah! Are you Mimi?’

“It’s not like I walk around going ‘Bite me!’ all the time. But I do have a certain Midwestern mist to my voice that they recognize,” she continues.

“Sometimes I think people are just being nice to me because they like me.

“But then I find out that they realized I was on TV!”

Kathy recently burst onto the cyberscene with a kinder, gentler character named Mrs. P, who brings classic children’s books to life. To visit her website, MrsP.com, click here.

To hear Kathy’s full interview, click here.

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