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I’ve been meaning to blog about my friend Bill Sobel for a while now (Bill’s on the right next to his friend KMOX St. Louis Radio Host Paul Harris) who runs NY:MIEG, (New York: Media Information Exchange Group) a breakfast networking series that I’ve been attending for over a year now.

First off, Bill understands how to run a networking event – he lets people schmooze for about an hour or so before his panelists talk for another hour or so and take questions. Then more schmoozing. And I use the term “schmooze” in the best possible way here. Anybody who knows Bill knows that he is the most networked person alive, largely because he is so generous in helping other people connect with other people who can help their business or life.

And Bill really does know everyone, from traditional media VP’s to bleeding-edge new media types. He’s extremely smart in putting together panels that actually do provide value for his audience. One thing I really appreciate is his speakers don’t pull punches. A lot of his audience comes from a traditional media setting where new media is sometimes seen as a threat. But Bill’s moderation (and his guest hosts) steer panelists towards critical insight versus subjective posturing.

Long story short, if you’re in the New York area, get connected and become a FOBS (“Friend of Bill Sobel”). I’m a huge fan of new media, but Bill knows the vital importance of face to face time and I’m proud mine is a face he recognizes.

Make sure to check out the video from Bill’s last breakfast, The Future of Radio: 2007 and Beyond. Here’s the blurb from his site:

Ira Flatow of NPR’s Science Friday and Bill Sobel, NY:MIEG founder, introduces a panel discussion on the future of radio moderated by KMOX St. Louis host Paul Harris with panelists John Rosso of Citadel Broadcasting / ABC Radio, Jennifer Lane of Katz Net Radio Sales, Larry Rosin of Edison Media Research, Denise Oliver of Oliver Media and Joel Smirnoff of Paltalk.

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