KidVidId – Getting Specific With Your Niche and Tough Turtles


So my brother has started a new blog called KidVidId he started after his son Dan wanted to find a video about turtles on YouTube. This is the video they found and it is highly humorous. Not sure why the tortoise has it out for the feline but his tenacity is admirable.

My brother calls this a “personal video micro channel” saying, “now that so much content is on the Web, there’s going to be markets for aggregating very specific niche verticals.” The same is true for podcasters, bloggers, and BTR hosts. Andy wanted to create material that was suitable for kids to watch from the web. As a dad with young kids I appreciate this, since going to YouTube is an exciting yet untamed adventure, even as an adult. So “YouTube videos you can watch with your kids” is a pretty solid micro niche I’m thinking. Plus I enjoy watching animal videos, even if I have to pretend it’s for my kids.

More than ever it’s vital to try and create/aggregate content that specific groups of people will like versus the masses. Ironically, it’s when we try to please as many people as possible that we typically please very few, and when we try to create for very few we often stumble upon a universal theme that appeals to the masses.

Go figure.

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