L.A. Fire Department returns to BlogTalkRadio!

In a post several weeks ago, I admired the ability of the Los Angeles Fire Department to use web 2.0 tools and technologies to communicate with citizens about their work.

You can read my previous post here.

The L.A.F.D. are certainly early adapters, and they were one of the original hosts to sign up with BlogTalkRadio. They broadcast many informative and engaging dialogues on their host channel.


We are very pleased that Brian Humphrey and our friends at the L.A.F.D. are back on BlogTalkRadio in an interview by Heather Havenstein of Computerworld.com.

I have a feeling she might inquire what’s on my mind too, how the fire fighters of Los Angeles are so darn tech savvy and innovative when it comes to maximizing the potential of the internet’s tools.

Tune in LIVE at 10:30am EST or download the archive at your leisure.


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