LAFD uses BlogTalkRadio, Web 2.0 to communicate with the public

According to an interview on, The Los Angeles Fire Department has begun to use messaging and social network Twitter to send alerts to the public about car accidents and matters of public safety.

The LAFD is now using more than 80 Web 2.0 applications to communicate with the public, improve the transparency of its operations, and to educate. In addition to BlogTalkRadio, the LAFD is also experimenting with YouTube, Jaiku, Flickr, RSS feeds and text messaging to get its information across.

In fact, the L.A. Fire Department was one of the original hosts when BlogTalkRadio began last August. Humphrey says they “hope to use it more regularly to interact with the public and discuss safety issues.” And we too are looking forward to your future shows on BlogTalkRadio!

I am very impressed the the L.A. Fire Department is working hard to improve communication with the public-at-large, by opening up multiple methods and channels of communication. It is apparent that they recognize the potential of all the new tools available to them, and encourage other public groups to take part in using them as well.

Read the LAist article How the LAFD Keeps Us Connected: An Interview with Brian Humphrey.

Check out the LAFD’s host channel on BlogTalkRadio here.


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