LIVE at Take Back America Conference in Washington D.C.!

We are proud to bring you live coverage from the Take Back America Conference in Washington D.C., a 3-day event with speakers, interviews, and citizen organizing and discussion.

This year’s speakers include Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator John Edwards, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Senator Sherrod Brown among many others. View the full list of speakers here.

On Heading Left and Smoking Politics, James Boyce and Dave Johnson have brought us live interviews from the event.

In addition, our nightly news and opinion guru Shaun OMac bring us live coverage on a special host channel called Take Back America, reporting on the conference events with BlogTalkRadio’s own Georga Hackworth.

BlogTalkRadio brings the Take Back America Conference 2007 in D.C. to you LIVE at your computer wherever you may be. Check out their site for more information about the event.


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