Live From Nigeria…….BlogTalkRadio Continue’s To Unite A World

Yes, that’s right. I was so happy to get to my desk this morning to find an email from our new hosts from Nigeria.

Earlier today, Jennifer, Jo and Nike broadcast their first show from a cyber cafe in Nigeria. They broadcast their show by use a mobile phone which they handed back and forth to one another. We will set them up with a softphone or some sort of VOIP interface to make it easy as possible to host their next show. Here is a link to the host channel and show where you can listen to the archive.
While it may be a bit difficult to understand their English or the rattling about in the internet cafe, consider what exactly took place over here. We have three dynamic, young individuals (one of which I met in the UK by invite of the British Council) hosting show from a third world country with limited internet access. They discussed a few issues which were important to them which they felt compelled to share with anyone and everyone that would listen.

Here is the email I received shortly after their show finished.

Hi Alan!
At last!!! We are live on Blogtalkradio!!!! Thanks a lot for the opportunity. And mostly for kindly leaving a message on our last show!!! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL ALAN!!!
We are proud to be part of Blogtalkradio…kindly send our regards to everyone on the team! The best is yet to come!!!
Jennifer, Jo and Nike(Grace).


How cool is that? Everyday I am amazed at the reach and scope of the Blogtalkradio platform. It’s for times like these that makes all of us proud to be part of something really special.