Man on the Moon – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

He was the 6th man ever to walk on the moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Today this legendary icon is a BlogTalkRadio guest.

Mitchell Host David K. Ewen welcomes former astronaut Dr. Ed Mitchell tonight at 9pm ET on Today’s Author.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell is also the author of “The Way of the Explorer.” The former astronaut combines elements of history, science, and theology to explain how his experience in space shaped his interpretation of the mysteries of human consciousness, the universal connectedness of life, miracles, and human destiny.

Shoot for the moon tonight on BlogTalkRadio with Today’s Author!

One thought on “Man on the Moon – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

  1. Brady

    Buzz Aldrin came out of the UFO closet a few months back. It’s good to see these guys are no longer scared of the government. Now they can die true heroe’s!!!!!!!


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