My Chemical Romance – Meets TV – Meets BlogTalkRadio

On April 30th at 8 pm Dr Jennifer Austin Leigh will be bringing us an interview with none other then Gerard Way and Brigitte Maenhout. This will be a two hour special!
Gerard Way is the Frontman for the band that has literally rocketed into the stratasphere in a short time.
Gerard Way - These very beautiful photos were captured by the lovely Ms. Brigitte Maenhout ( Thank you for letting me repost �
The band, My Chemical Romance is touring with its latest release, a cocept album, The Black Parade. The New York Times wrote an article about it, touting it as the possible album of the year.

Brigitte Maenhout, the CEO and founder of Taste iT TV, headquarted in Belgium, has a web presence that reaches over 135,000,000 million fans of music. Taste iT TV interviews bands and posts concert pictures etc.
The web site is a place for teens to communicate about their favorite bands, relationship issues, life problems… anything that the music inspires or churns up.

Both My Chemical Romance and Taste iT TV are founded on the ideal of tolerance, non violence and a creative means to help the youth the world. The BTR show will be Dr Jenn interviewing Brigitte, a taped interview she did with Gerard and hopefully many call ins with regard to the music and teen issues.

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