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The internet is changing the face of politics, and no one knows this more than our friends at

Short for MyDirectDemocracy, MyDD is interested in People-Powered Politics. These folks are dedicated to using the internet and media to increase transparency in our government, and to further democratize the political process.

At the first official Democratic debate of the 2008 election cycle, CNN will air the final selected debate questions submitted online by common citizens via YouTube to be answered by the presidential candidates. And the Republican debate will tackle our submitted questions in September.


This is direct democracy in action.

Through the power of the internet, and YouTube in this case, we have the opportunity to connect and correspond with those in power, the leaders of our nation. We have the opportunity to discuss the issues we are most passionate about, and the candidates will respond. YouTube enables citizens to become citizen broadcasters.

BlogTalkRadio too believes that if you have something to say, we want to help you turn up the volume so everyone connected to the internet can hear.

In this way, it is very appropriate that MyDD’s show will air post-CNN/YouTube Debate coverage at 9pm EST. MyDD on BlogTalkRadio is the place to discuss, critique, and expand upon the ideas raised in the debates. Call in and interact with other bloggers, pundits, and enthusiasts.

The first CNN/YouTube debate airs at 7pm EST.

Following this unprecedented event in both media and politics, BlogTalkRadio invites you to continue the conversation.


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