Nuts, Social Media, and the Power of the BlogTalkRadio Platform

Forbes is reporting on what is being called the greatest Grassroots television network protest and social media movement in recent memory. Over 18,000 pounds of nuts are en route to CBS Television Studios to prove the execs responsible are “nuts” for canceling the series Jericho. And it all began on BlogTalkRadio.

Jericho is a drama about a small town in Kansas surrounded by areas that had been attacked by nuclear bombs. In the series, the members of the town must band together against the unknown nuclear perpetrators. The viewers were riveted by the human relations, the mystery, and the feeling that this could happen in real life.

Shaun Daily, host of Shaun OMac Radio here on BlogTalkRadio, has been talking Jericho for some weeks now. CBS canceled the show, citing that it was losing its viewer numbers. Shaun, and many other Jericho enthusiasts, knew that despite any Nielsen ratings, the show had a strong online presence and viewership that CBS had encouraged.

On May 8, the night before the Jericho Season Finale, Shaun hosted a special for the beloved TV program with Executive Producer Carol Barbee, and Co-creator Joel Steinberg. The response was astounding, with high numbers of live listeners and callers, and thousands of downloads. Shaun ran out of time to talk to all the passionate Jericho fans, so he dedicated the following show to continue the conversation.

On his Jericho fan overflow show, Shaun had the idea to encourage irate fans to call CBS and demand their favorite show back, and to send nuts to CBS because the “lead character said ‘nuts’ when the rival town leader gave Jericho one last chance to surrender.”

According to Shaun, “the ball starting rolling on May 8, and the nuts started flowing on May 10.” Now fans are placing ads in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter for A scattered group of fans quickly became a structured and very active social body.

This is the power of social media, the power of a platform like BlogTalkRadio to cause a ripple in traditional media, creating a large movement by giving people with something to say the ability to project their voices.

Read Shaun’s inspirational call to action on the official Jericho message boards here.


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