NY Mets’ Lastings Milledge LIVE on MetsBlog Podcast!

If you have baseball fever, make sure to tune in to The MetsBlog Podcast this afternoon because your host Matt Cerrone is bringing us a special interview with Lastings Milledge.

Outfielder for the New York Mets, Lastings Milledge is making quite an impression this season. Milledge is a fresh face in baseball, in fact, he was the youngest player in the National league during the 2006 season.

But don’t let his age fool you, Milledge seems to know what he’s doing on the field where it counts. He’s also praised for his spunk and flair.

We extend a warm welcome to Lastings Milledge. During the interview you can look forward to hearing Lastings’ opinions on loyalty, hype, and media attention. And of course, baseball.

Listen LIVE at 3pm EST.


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