Oh, Man! I Love Blog Talk!

Those that know me, know that I generally don’t toot my own horn, so in today’s post I decided to grab a few recent posts that have been buzzing around the blogosphere.

The headline above came from the blog, The DragonFlyEye.Net Blog

The post written by, Thomas Kelnap goes on to say:
“But man, oh, man! Did I ever have a good time tonight! I’ve probably been keeping the wife awake and I’m sure I’ll hear about it in the morning, but it was worth it to do some discovering”

Or how about this recent post from Zaadz.com Oldude59’s blog. The blogger goes on to say:

“Predictably, the BlogTalkRadio business model is ad-supported. Display space on the site will be sold, but more innovatively, radio advertising targeted to the audience of each show will be inserted into broadcasts, which of course is where Chris Anderson rears his ugly long tail. Levy said: “On one level I don’t care how many people are listening to a show; it can be 10 or it can be 10,000, there’s still money.” So for someone like me that is trying to build a market with little cash to invest – “thank god”. It puts me in the mode to create content and build an audience for the clinic, both its online patients as well as those near the clinic site”

I couldn’t be happier about the grass roots buzz around Blogtalkradio.

Finally, I would like to share a portion of an email sent to BTR Program Director Amy Domestico by Scott Kesterson on Friday after our weekly broadcast called The Words of War. As many of you know, Scott is the only US embedded reporter in Afghanistan and is doing some incredible work. Scott calls into BTR “live” from the front lines.

This is from Amy – “Scott got a standing ovation as he walked through the hall tonight from the troops, they ALL listened and knowing that we are doing our best to get the TRUTH out about what is happening over there has them very happy”
Once again, thank you for hosting shows, listening to shows, reading our blog, or simply checking us out.

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