On Air…Embedded Reporter Scott Kesterson and Senator Gravel

Today at 11 am est Alan Levy will be on the air live with Scott Kesterson as Scott calls in live from the front lines of Afghanistan. In a new location since Alan and Scott last called in Oshay, Afghanistan, in the Uruzgon Province which is home base for the time being, spring offensive is just about to get underway as the Taliban are massing and in Scott’s words just this morning to me, they are coming in from Pakistan, building defenses, setting in for a bloody fight… they claim to have 10,000 soldiers.

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Also at 11 am on Heading Left, former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel, Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2008. James Boyce and Nate Wilcox from Heading Left will discuss with Senator Gravel his campaign and all he has to offer this great country.

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