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HeadingLeft radio has two big shows coming up Thursday, February 22. My co-host James Boyce and I will have General Wesley Clark on at 1:30pm and at 4:00pm we’ll have former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe Thursday.
I gotta say, this BlogTalkRadio is some cool shizzle — a few weeks ago I would have been lucky to get a press release from either of these guys to post on a blog, now I’ll have half an hour to talk with them.

Terry McAuliffe, former Chair of the Democratic National Committee and currently a major player in Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, will be talking about his new book, “What a Party.” It’s gotten some good responses:

The ex–Democratic National Committee chair and political super– fund-raiser lives up to his nickname Mad Dog in this boisterous memoir. McAuliffe is rabidly aggressive toward Republicans (whom he describes as “willing to lie and cheat any way they could”), savaging them on talk shows and facing them down in bristling social encounters. He relentlessly pursues donors, happy to wrestle alligators and sing karaoke for checks (“for $500,000 I didn’t mind humiliating myself”). He golfs, dances and plays cards with his political masters Hillary and Bill Clinton (“the Babe Ruth of American presidents”), forever preening over the role his advice and prodigious fund-raising played in their success. Publishers Weekly

But also gotten some serious criticism:

McAuliffe taught Democrats that to win they had to learn to play with the billionaires. But there were, as the economists say, ”opportunity costs.” In 400 pages of blow-by-blow, one momentous event passes with barely a whisper: the 2002 elections. Some hoped that President Bush’s ties to Enron would make 2002 a Democratic year. Instead, Democrats lost the Senate. As the televised face of the party, McAuliffe got in some hard punches on Enron, but Republicans replied that he himself had made an $18 million profit from a mere $100,000 investment in the controversial communications company Global Crossing…The two Democrats most at ease around rich businessmen also happened to be the party’s most effective economic populists: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson. They were so at ease, in fact, they did what today’s ”business friendly” Democrats do not: demand, in no uncertain terms and to their faces, that they cease antisocial corporate practices. Rick Perlstein, New York Times

We’ll try to get Terry’s take on both the praise and the criticism on HeadingLeft radio tomorrow. Call (646) 652-4803 if you’d like to ask Terry anything.

The next show with General Clark show promises to be even more exciting. We’ll have General Wesley Clark on to discuss his new initiative From his post on today’s Huffington Post.

Surely, it is past time to urge President Bush to exercise leadership and start to work now to avoid a widening of the conflict in the Middle East.That’s why today, I’m joining with Jon Soltz, Chairman of, the preeminent organization representing Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, to launch

Visit today and sign the petition to President Bush. War is not the answer. is a one-stop resource for all Americans to help stop the looming conflict with Iran. With the latest news on Iran and online tools to contact President Bush, lobby your members of Congress, and write letters to the editor to local and national print media, will help us create the groundswell of support needed to stop another dangerous war in the Middle East.

Don’t be shy, call (646) 652-4803 and ask General Clark about his new initiative.

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