Peter K is BlogTalkRadio’s Fitness Expert!

BlogTalkRadio would like to introduce Peter K as our Fitness Director. A true health expert, Peter is a nutritionist, fitness guru, and physical therapist.

On BlogTalkRadio, Peter discusses various health topics, including tips on snacking and different methods of exercise as the host of The Peter K Show.

Past guests include Robin Bray, an expert on The Barre Method, and Tony Sparber of New Image Camps, featured on MTV’s True Life: Fat Camp.


For more on Peter K, visit his website, where you can learn about his program and what motivates him as a health coach.

Peter is available to be a guest on other BlogTalkRadio shows, so feel free to contact him to discuss health and fitness.

Check out his host channel for upcoming shows, and add Peter K as your friend on MySpace!


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