“Phonajournalism” – Utilizing your “digital wallet”

Click “play” before reading this post. It’s atmospheric versus story-telling focused.

This is a video I shot on my phone going up the escalator at Penn Station last week. I was shocked (and fairly claustrophobic) heading up to 8th avenue and figured I’d mitigate my rising panic by making some media. My phone shoots 15 second videos, hence the title of the series.

I take a lot of videos and pictures this way, and will be featuring my series on “Phonajournalism” here since BTR’s primary tool is the phone. MP3 players are great (I love my video iPod) but most folks depend on their phones/PDA’s as their primary digital tool throughout the day. It’s also WAY easy to film this way (and yes, I’m working to get the image smaller so it doesn’t pixelate) and get it online. For this, I emailed the movie to myself and then posted it at Photobucket where there were tools to add titles. There’s also a great site called Kyte that lets you email directly to your online channel where photos/videos are posted right away. And I hear phones in Tokyo allow you to stream information directly this way already.

Long story short, many digital peeps I know are calling that thing you carry around with you all the time (phone/PDA) your “digital wallet.” Whether you’re into calling someone (old fashioned), texting (Twitter fans) or watching media (VCast, etc.) getting your message to those sleek little devices is more important than ever.

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