Political Innovation: Mike Huckabee on BlogTalkRadio!

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas and current presidential candidate, has brought his campaign online and here to BlogTalkRadio. The Governor has now broadcasted two shows on the platform, and we anticipate more installments as Gov. Huckabee reports in live on the campaign trail to 2008.

A website called AirCongress, known as The Online Voice of Capitol Hill, first reported on the story. AirCongress said although “Republicans aren’t known for online innovation,” they learned that “the presidential campaign of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pulled off a first this week” by “open[ing] an account at BlogTalkRadio.”

We are proud to be the latest in “online innovation” implemented by candidates on the campaign trail, and we hope to see many more of them utilize the platform to bring their ideas LIVE and online to us as citizens and voters.

We are very pleased to welcome the Governor to the platform, and enjoyed his inaugural broadcast on Thursday as well as the second broadcast hosted by his campaign manager Chip Saltsman. You can listen to these broadcasts here.

Read the AirCongress post entitled GOP Innovation: Mike Huckabee on BlogTalkRadio.


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