Political Pistachio raises cancer awareness

Political Pistachio Radio takes a respite from its current events coverage to take on a weighty issue in an inspiring way. Pistachio’s host Douglas Gibbs will welcome Rob Ballister, cancer survivor and author of the book God Does Have a Sense of Humor.

Douglas’ son was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, and underwent surgery to remove the cancerous mass just last Friday. He then had to undergo a CT scan to ensure that the cancer had not spread to the rest of his body, primarily through the lymphatic system, which is common. The readers of Douglas’ site, politicalpistachio.com, have been following the events as they unfold, and have been very supportive in their feedback.

Douglas wrote on his website as a way to cope with the unknown and emotional territory of having a son with cancer. After reading his blog, the President of the American Authors Association, Maria Edwards, contacted Douglas and recommended that he speak with author Rob Ballister, for he had endured the same cancer and might be able to lend some insight about the experience. Doug e-mailed Rob, and both men agreed their interaction and important discussion ought to take place on BlogTalkRadio.

In addition to being an author, Rob Ballister is a Naval Academy graduate, currently serving in the United States Navy. His book is about his life: growing up in New Jersey, dating, and surviving testicular cancer. Rob’s cancer also spread into his lymphatic system, and his battle became long and arduous. Now, as a cancer survivor, he has chosen to use humor and wit to tell about his battle with the deadly disease in his book.

Douglas says that “the opportunity to have Rob on Political Pistachio to relay his pearls of wisdom is especially important to me, considering my son’s current battle with the same type of cancer.”

Listen live at 7pm EST, or download the archive of their inspiring discussion here.


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