Political youth find their voice on BlogTalkRadio

Of all the new hosts and shows that sign up with BlogTalkRadio, I am most excited by the politically active youth who choose to use our platform to make their voices heard. Our political shows are some of our most popular, and for good reason. We boast a wealth of talent and expertise in a range of political leanings, and from every region.

A group that recently joined the BTR family is YOUTHinkleft. Check it out because you will be floored by the political analysis and commentary that these teens and young adults put forth on their site. YOUTHinkleft shines as an example of how we all have the opportunity to get involved and be heard, whether on our own personal blogs, or on a live blogshow on BTR. This new generation of voters is determined to convey their opinions and be involved in the upcoming election in 2008. Their example is empowering and inspiring. Check out their show hosted by YOUTHinkleft co-founder Brendon Schweers here.

Another wonderful example of political engagement is Daniel Myers of Politics One. A longtime BlogTalkRadio host, Daniel interviews a different political candidate every few days, exposing us to their ideas and offering all of our listeners the opportunity to call in and ask the hard questions. Daniel’s Politics One blog covers the political activity in the blogosphere from a “fresh” perspective. After all, Daniel is only 16 years old.

Let these hosts inspire all of us to stand up and be heard. We have a responsibility to be informed citizens and voters, and we should thank Brendon and Daniel for broadcasting what’s on the minds of young voters and young leaders.

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