Politic’s 101…..Sorta

I’ve talked to a lot of political people in the past few months, left, right, middle, independent, progressive, liberal, conservative, far right, way far right, 2 inches more to the left, OYE its enough to make a Jersey girls head spin. Im starting to get a grasp on what they all stand for, or in the liberals case’s what they don’t stand for, it’s taken awhile, but I’ve finally started asking questions and I’m getting the hang of this political Nascar Race we can all call “2008”.

One thing I have noticed is there are some “bloggers” who are true professionals in every sense of the word. If I had to call them something else I would say they are professional journalists………good ones at that. They have the boys and girls down at the big networks beat by a mile.

One of these people is Taylor Marsh. When she first came onto BlogTalkRadio she brought to her show her own style. She is quick witted, smart, and extremely knowledgeable in politics, I have to say I hung up the phone after our first conversation and thought to myself, what would I have to do to be that knowledgeable in politics, I soon figured out I would have to spend the next 20 years reading and watching the news with no breaks, although the thought of round the clock cappuccino sounded good, I quickly scrapped that idea and figured I would leave the politics to the pro’s and just listen to Taylor’s show……she is my favorite gal on the left…..or is she progressive……see?  I’m better off sticking to what I know…

Taylor was in Carson City Nevada this week for the Democratic Forum and she did “live blogging” and came back today and did a show about her trip, and its a must listen……

Listen Live

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