Preschool Rock Moms achieve soaring listener numbers!

Congratulations to hosts Stacey and Joanna, and all our friends on Preschool Rock Moms here at BlogTalkRadio, for hitting new highs in their listener numbers.

The show launched only two months ago, but the Rock Moms hit the ground running. Sparked from their popular family of websites SchoolRockInc. that center around the adventures of raising a preschooler, the show on BlogTalkRadio has employed many different formats and genres that appeal to their readers.

For example, the Moms began occasionally airing a game show called Pick Jake’s Brain, where a preschooler Jake is asked questions and callers must determine whether he knows the answer or not. They pique listeners’ interest with prizes and engage them to call in and interact.

Another recent addition to their programming arsenal is The Idea Sandbox, where a different common household item is picked at random each show, and the Moms and their callers brainstorm how that object can be utilized for different innovations and crafts.

These creative hosting tactics and ideas, combined with their websites’ devoted readership, has enabled Preschool Rock Moms to achieve an incredible 10,000 listeners. Way to go!


Congratulations to our friends at Preschool Rock Moms for setting their listener goals and working tirelessly to achieve them.

Read their official press release here.

Check out their host channel for upcoming shows.


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