Pro-wrestlers have more to talk about than wrestling

If you were a pro-wrestler with the opportunity to talk about something other than wrestling what would you talk about? Where would you do it? More than one member of the WWE has discovered BlogTalkRadio and is using it’s internet airwaves to talk about more than just wrestling.

WWE Hardcore Champion, Mick Foley, will be a special guest on The Shockcomics Radio Hour on March 11th at 9:00pm EST. Anyone that has followed the career of Mick Foley knows that he takes things to the extreme. His wrestling career has landed him six concussions, over 350 stitches and the loss of three-fourths of his ear in a match against Big Van Vader in 1994. So what does the Hardcore Legend do when he isn’t getting hit over the head with a chair or beaten with barbed wire? He’s a New York Times best selling author. He has just released his sixth book and third biography, The Hardcore Diaries. For a man in his early fourties to need three biographies to tell his story, he must have a lot to say and a lot of interesting stories to tell. We are really excited to have Mick Foley on for an interview.

However, just a one time interview isn’t enough for some other wrestlers. Two time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Val Venis (real name Sean Morley),

starts his regular BlogTalkRadio show this week on Wednesday, March 14th, called The Freetarian. Sean has always enjoyed listening to Libertarian radio shows and BlogTalkRadio has given him the opportunity to create one himself.

If you find talking politics with Sean Morley far fetched, what about talking technology with Michael Manna, otherwise known as the twenty-two time Hardcore Champion Steven Richards?

Outside the ring, Michael is rather well versed about technology and has ventured into world of BlogTalkRadio with his show StevieCorp. His first show airs Monday, March 12, at 8:00pm EST.

Georga Hackworth

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