Public Service or Just Entertainment?

CottrellI’m always amazed at the creative things people will do when given technology. Dan Cottrell of Crime and Punishment: The Blog, hosts a show called the Internet’s Biggest Conversation in which he calls upon scammers and gives them the run around before exposing them as such.

“Are you the victim of a scam? Got a Scam in your inbox? Send it to me and i’ll call the scammers live on air! Let’s see how they react when we bait them a little bit before exposing them to you!”

Dan calls in from the UK and the combination of his dry British humour and his rapier wit make for an interesting listen. His show airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30pm ET.


One thought on “Public Service or Just Entertainment?

  1. John C. Havens

    Dan’s show is great. I tuned in a few weeks ago when he was chewing out someone who was selling dogs for questionable practices. Dan really tore into the guy. Made for great listening and kudos to Dan for taking on these online scammer jerks.


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