Ring in Your Weekends with The Game Show Guys

If you live in the New York City area, you may have seen ads that read, “RING IN YOUR WEEKENDS WITH THE GAME SHOW GUYS!”

The Game Show Guys are Art and Phil. While Phil covers topics ranging from studio technology to game shows and often includes a game, Art’s Game Show Party touches on the latest game show news and takes callers, and then plays a game-show game. Art currently plays “Culture Crash” where words merge into each other, kind of like Before/After on Wheel of Fortune.

Listeners have a chance to win a growing CASH jackpot (sponsored by Paerdegat Athletic Club.. where Art runs a TV game show studio). The prize is small, but grows each week. Hey, free cash ain’t something to complain about!

Toward the end of Art’s segment, Phil has been known to pop in to promote his topics, and his show immediately follows.

Its back-to-back game shows and prices on Friday nights, and its best to listen live and tune in to both shows, since the Mystery Answer jackpot on Art’s show is not won, the answer is revealed on Phil’s show!

Listen to Art’s Game Show Party at 10:30pm EST, and Phil’s Game Show immediately following at 11pm EST.


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