Rule the Web and podcaster, book editor David Moldawer!

Today Mark Frauenfelder of the incredibly creative site BoingBoing: A Directory of Wonderful Things welcomes very special guest, podcaster, and assistant editor David Moldawer to his BlogTalkRadio show.

Moldawer is not new to this medium, and is in fact a veteran podcaster himself. He hosts his own podcast Moldawer in the Morning as well as co-hosts the self-proclaimed “old-school” science fiction and fantasy podcast Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas. We are thrilled to welcome him to Mark’s show, <a href=”“>Rule the Web.

According to his post on BoingBoing, Mark worked very closely with David, who was his editor on his new book Rule the Web: How to do Anything and Everything on the Internet – Better, Faster, Easier. Moldawer is an assistant editor at St. Martin’s Press, the top publishing house that put out Mark’s book. Order this must-read here!

Join these two very innovative fellas on Rule the Web LIVE at 5pm EST. Call in and speak with them at (646) 915-8698.

Read Mark’s post about today’s show on BoingBoing.


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