Sacred Reich guitarist live on!

2mara Armstrong, host of, will be interviewing Wiley Arnett, guitarist of pioneering American thrash band Sacred Reich. The group will be performing a reunion tour in Europe this summer, but is kicking off with an event in Scottsdale, Arizona. On AZoverload, 2mara keeps her fingers on the pulse of the local music scene.

Here is a snapshot of the Sacred Reich and Wiley’s new band The Human Condition from 2mara:

Formed in 1986, the band Sacred Reich quickly became known as “American Thrash” with their deeply opinionated, political lyrics combined with speed metal. Although they disbanded in 2001, in their time together, they released several albums and toured with bands such as Motorhead, Faith No More, and Pantera.

In Europe, Sacred Reich just re-released a 3 disk special edition of Ignorance/Surf Nicaragua (originally released in 1987 and 1988 respectively). This event spawned a reunion of members Phil Rind, Wiley Arnett, Jason Rainey, and Greg Hall, who will hold down a European tour kicking off at the end of July.

Before Sacred Reich heads overseas, Wiley Arnett’s band The Human Condition will perform in Scottsdale. The Human Condition was formed by the lead guitarist in 2001, shortly after Sacred Reich called it quits. Their highly anticipated EP, From the Cell, is scheduled for release next month.

Wiley Arnett of both Sacred Reich and The Human Condition will be on Azoverload on BlogTalkRadio at midnight EST. Call in with your questions and talk to Wiley Arnett!


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