Shaun OMac visits CBS’ Jericho set to kickoff Season 2!

It’s the social media fairy tale that everyone’s talking about, and it started here on BlogTalkRadio.


If you were one of thousands of listeners tuning in to Shaun OMac’s BTR broadcasts during the cancellation of CBS’ TV series Jericho, you know what I’m talking about. The ripple caused here by the show’s devoted fans reached the doorstep of the studios at CBS, and it was a response they couldn’t ignore.

Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm of fans sending nuts to symbolize their outrage at the show’s cancellation, the Execs at CBS brought back Jericho for a second season.

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Since he was so instrumental to this social media movement, Shaun was invited to the shooting of the new episodes. View the videos of Shaun touring the set here.


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